Graphics for FIlm

The independent film, Prospect, is a science fiction film set in a universe far from our own, that remains human in many ways. Our task was to create a world with corporations and brands much like our own to set the stage for the props and characters. 




The establishing set for the film is a shipping freighter, much like those that we might see on the docks of our home planet.

PArtboard 2.png

Freighter Patch

The freighter itself was a company that used to be luxury cruise liners, but as the economy evolved, they delved into a more profitable market, shipping. This is a patch that is part of the uniforms sported by employees. It was inspired by an earth railroad company.

PArtboard 3.png

Cargo Logo

The cargo itself holds the brands of the companies that are transporting cargo, much like shipping containers on our planet. This logo is for a company that used to be based in mining but had to turn to space as resources became scarce, It was inspired by Japanese cargo companies.

PArtboard 1.png

Crane Console Logo

The console for the crane that moves the cargo is a company in itself as well, developed similarly to companies like John Deere. 


cee pod

The Cee Pod that Damon and Cee venture out on is branded similarly to 70s winnebagos. 

PodArtboard 1.png

Cee Pod BRand

The Cee Pod itself is branded  to resemble the pod and how its thrusters function, using familiar geometry and a homey palette like vintage motorhomes.

PodArtboard 2.png

Control Panel Brand

A subsidiary company makes the control panel. much like a Honda might have their parent logo for a car and a subsidiary company for their windows.

PodArtboard 3.png

Toilet Brand

The toilet too is branded, reminiscent of a function long past in the era of space travel. 



CeeArtboard 1.png

Damon's Suit

The main character and her father, Damon, have suits from a company similar to Patagonia, that was a outdoors and mountaineering company in days long past. The father's suit is old, reminiscent of the style of Patagonia in the 70s.

CeeArtboard 2.png

Cee's Suit

Cee's suit is newer, utilizing the same mark but with modern colors and more geometric shapes, much as our brands have evolved as well. These brands are contrasted by the suit of a character of one of the antagonists, military and cold, harking to a fascist regime of old.


Mikken's suit

These brands are contrasted by the suit of one of the antagonists, military and cold, harking to a fascist regime of old.



Slurry Nutritional Packs Packaging

The packaging for the slurry packs is commercial but governmentally supplied. What is supposed to be nutritious and wholesome also feels unnatural and alien, similar to packaging from communist Russia.

slurArtboard 1.png
slurArtboard 2.png
slurArtboard 3.png

Bits Bars Packaging

The bits bars are a luxury item, inspired by packaging for Japanese candy. They utilize a popular cartoon character to sell the product amidst an in-your-face array of pattern and slogan.


Cee's Map

These items are contrasted by the map that Cee carries, which is made by a computer and government-produced. It serves the only purpose that it needs to, giving you a topographical survey of the land, no more. 

mapArtboard 1.png