Branding & Motion Graphics

Visceral is a hypothetical conference for those who look for more in their work. Visceral intends to take the logic and the tools that are preexistent in professional design and pair that with raw emotion and the feeling of happiness that can be experienced through design viscerally. We are people who think differently and seek to replace complacency with joy.

Visceral Packet Cover copy.png

The Mark

The logo for Visceral plays off of the meaning of the word visceral, which is relating to deep inward feelings rather than to the intellect. It plays off of the idea of having the necessary tools and logic as a foundation for design but the offering of the conference to bring the fluidity of happiness to the work. The marks are not sharp so that they might be more approachable. This softness and fluidity is carried through the type. The colors are nostalgic and happy, evoking the same feelings that the conference seeks to evoke in users



The poster for the conference is inspired by the idea that the people who attend the conference are there to “Create Happy” in a sense. The letters of this mantra are made out of Jello that is hand-cut to give it a sense of the craft. Surrounding this type is a series of pattern balloons that mimic the logo of the conference and appear throughout materials within the conference. 

Create Happy Mockup.png
Create Happy Poster Mockup.png


The program for the conference details all of the necessary information for a program, but it does so in the same nature of joy and fun that the rest of the conference exudes. Within the cover of the book is a pouch of confetti to be used at leisure. Near the end of the book lies a cootie catcher that could be used to decide which session a person should go to. The back cover has a map to lead the conference attendee to the happy places within Seattle. 


Motion Title Sequence

The title sequence for the conference is meant to be played at the beginning of the conference to hype up the ensuing speakers. It employs the same sense of fun and wonder that the poster and the Program have. Using Birthday candles, confetti, balloons, and glitter, the motion is able to convey a sense of tactile excitement that can be seen throughout the conference.