Hey there!

My name is Katelyn Ewen and I’m 70% Designer 29.9% Sass and .1% Cheese. I studied Visual Communications at Seattle Pacific University and now I'm a full-time and freelance graphic designer in good old Seattle. In my free time, you’re most likely to find me consuming our wealth of cinematic intrigue or hunting for the next best place to obtain the best of the world’s lactose delights.

I hail from the mountains of Colorado, but I have made my design home in Seattle. I have always been inspired through creativity, but that was long in the form of music and the stage. Seattle opened up a whole new door to create: design.

In design, I am fascinated by all things that move, or draw us in through how they might be experienced. I appreciate the bounds of time in motion, how we experience space, and how the tangibility of print can take hold of us in a way that nothing else can. I’m looking forward to the new possibilities that will open up in design and how we can usher in new experiences through them.